T. DeWayne Moore

Public Historian, Historic Preservationist, and Digital Media Editor

Prairie View A&M University

I am an Assistant Professor of History in the Division of Social Sciences at Prairie View A&M University, and I previously worked as an Assistant Teaching Professor in the Department of History at Bowling Green State University. I earned my Ph.D. from the Center for the Study of Southern Culture and the Department of History at the University of Mississippi, and I hold an M.A. from the Public History Program in the History Department at Middle Tennessee State University. I have lectured and led seminars about Early and Modern American History, The Civil War & Reconstruction, Special Topics in African American History, Critical Thinking, and Historical Society Administration.

Tyler DeWayne Moore

Executive Director Mt. Zion Memorial Fund for Blues, Music, and Justice

I am also the Executive Director of the Mt. Zion Memorial Fund, a Mississippi non-profit promoting the inclusive and responsible practice of memorialization and historic preservation in African American communities.

Since 1989, the MZMF has served as a conduit to provide financial and technical support to African American churches and cemeteries, and we have collaborated with the descendants of Blues artists and Blues communities to research, design, and install memorials on the unmarked graves of artists and maintain undocumented cultural resources.

Hollywood Cemetery

Holly Ridge Cemetery

Tutwiler Cemetery

The Myth of White Redemption Through A Love of Black Music